10 Fabulous Boho wedding ideas for 2021/2022

Feb 11, 2021 | Weddings

Are you planning a wedding in 2021 or 2022 and want it to be authentic, creative and individual? Do you want your wedding to reflect the people you are, your values and your lifestyle? Then you are probably having a Boho style wedding! Here are 10 fabulous boho wedding ideas to help make your wedding day truly special.

Chose a fabulous boho wedding venue

Gone are the days when couples only had the choice of a village hall or a local hotel to hold their wedding (although they can, and are often, lovely venues).  In 2021/2022 Boho couples can decide to have their wedding day literally anywhere they want. From their family garden, to woodland settings, by the sea or in a favourite pub, literally anything goes.

A castle on a cliff, you’ve got this, a tepee overlooking the river, no problem! Your wedding day venue should be a place you feel totally at home in, and one which reflects the way you live, holiday or aspire too. Having a Boho wedding in 2021/2022 you get to choose a wonderful venue where you can decide on how you want the day to be.

boho wedding ideas - couple by the sea

Start the wedding party with a marvellous ceremony 

Who wouldn’t want to start their wedding celebrations from the very beginning of your wedding day? The wedding ceremony should be the beginning of your celebrations, a joyful, glorious, romantic, effervescent start to your married life together. Your very togetherness should be at the focal point of your wedding ceremony, not a quick recital of words in front of somebody you have never met.

Choose a fabulous wedding celebrant, (me! Weddings)  and together you can craft and curate your wedding ceremony to reflect the two of you. Creativity, music, memories, family and friends, weave these elements into the very start of your wedding at your ceremony.

Tow brides holding hands at a celebrant ceremony

Decorate your Boho wedding venue amazingly

The fun starts when you have chosen your fantastic venue and you start to style it exactly how you want. Wherever you are having your boho wedding you can either style it yourself or take advantage of wedding planners, stylists or both to create the mood you want to share.  A natural outdoor feel using dried flowers, palm leaves, pampas grasses (try Pinterest for inspiration) work wonderfully as does a burst of colour, froth and fun with environmentally friendly paper pompoms strung from the ceilings.

Fairy lights always create magic and are a fantastic idea for wedding decorations. Once you start to style your venue, you’ll soon be seeing your very own Boho wedding dream emerge.

Another idea to inject individuality at your wedding ceremony is to hire or source old chairs, rugs and sofas. Group them in a circle or scatter them for your guests to witness your ceremony. And don’t forget that Boho archway as the centrepiece. This delightful trend looks set to stay as couples choose to have unique celebrant led ceremonies, held underneath a fabulous arch.

Boho wedding archway with pampass grass

Make your wedding day sustainable, environmentally friendly and diverse

Who says you should forgo your values when planning your wedding? Boho weddings by their very definition are about your style, your creativity, your beliefs. Choosing that perfect dress or grooms outfit needn’t be about buying into the cult of ‘new’. There are many fabulous boho wedding ideas you can apply when choosing your outfits and still look and feel amazing.

Buying a vintage dress is a romantic, ephemeral way to capture that Boho look or choosing to use small independent companies who carefully source their materials and employ local makers. This way you can knowingly be unique, fabulous and at the same time, well…. help the planet, your local economy and creative individuals.

And you will get to wear an outfit which is as unique as you are. It’s a quadruple winner!

Vintage Boho wedding dress with embriodery

Capture those unique wedding moments

When it comes to recalling and remembering your wedding day there are many ways to do so and no doubt all your friends will be snapping away on their smartphones. A ‘big however’ though from me, is to wholeheartedly recommend finding a professional photographer to capture the whole day.

In 2021/2022 wedding photographs need not be styled, stiff group shots, a true Boho wedding photographer will merge into the background and seamlessly snap away, ensuring your memories and day are a memory to keep in time.

Ask around your area, your venue, other wedding suppliers. Wedding professionals work closely together and are a lovely friendly bunch. If you are looking to cut down your carbon footprint by keeping everyone as local as possible, check out photographers in the area near your venue. I love Emma whose gorgeous pictures I’ve used many times on my website and blog posts http://www.frecklephotography.co.uk    


Guests having fun at a BOHO wedding

Have fabulous flowers on your wedding dress or suit as well as your bouquet and buttonholes

Who doesn’t love flowers and your wedding flowers are undoubtedly the ones you will spend the most time choosing and go onto love the most? Boho brides have so many options from growing their own (or a relative doing so, thanks grandma!) to attending a workshop such as at common farm flowers http://www.commonfarmflowers.com  A good independent florist will have sourced their flowers carefully, using locally grown and seasonal flowers whenever possible.

As with photographers, ask around, look at recommendations and remember that the scent of a flower on the day can, like perfume, will forever bring back memories of your wedding day.

Another beautiful way to incorporate flowers in your fabulous Boho wedding is to have some embroidered on your dress or veil. You might want to choose to continue the theme of the flowers in your bouquet by asking locally if anyone could embroider this for you. Many local communities have social media pages where you could ask if anyone offers embroidery services? Surely the most beautiful of keepsakes.

Or, if you want the bouquet to be a keepsake and can’t bear the thought of it fading away, why not look at a dried flower bouquet? Set to become a big trend in this next few wedding seasons, increasingly specialist local makers are creating the stunning, romantic, stylish dried flower arrangements for weddings.

Boho wedding dried flower Bouquet

Involve your pets on your Boho wedding day

As a person with pets, I could not envisage a wedding day when my beloved furry friends couldn’t be involved at least for some of the day. As you have decided to have your wedding your own way, with that unique venue and suppliers, there is nothing to stop you having your dog involved. On any other day, your pet would probably be part of your photographs together, who hasn’t snapped away as the dog/cat/budgie does something daft? So why not capture those special furry moments on the best day of your life, your wedding day?

Another way to bring the magic of animals to your wedding is to have the day at a venue which already has animals. Locally in Devon, my couples often choose the donkey sanctuary a local charity as their venue or an alpaca farm with amazing tents, yurts and tepees for the festivities.

donkey at a boho wedding

Play great old-fashioned games at the wedding reception

After the ceremony and food, before the dancing (or maybe during the dancing) why not choose to play games with your guests?  Wedding planners or stylists can help with props or many companies will hire them out to you directly. During lockdown we all became slightly obsessed with games and there is no reason at all why you can’t continue the flow with old fashioned outdoors or indoors games.

Jigsaws for older relatives or one giant one for guest to casually add to as they pass by (put it by the bar for fun) card tables, tug of war, skittles, croquet?  Invest in some old-fashioned fun and watch the party become truly Bohemian.

Bride playing tug of war at Boho wedding

Have a statement Boho wedding headpiece

Possibly my favourite trend of 2021 weddings are the statement headpieces! Why I’m not sure, but possibly as I can see myself wearing one as often as I can, for my ceremonies, to the shops, as I write my ceremonies!

The new ‘20s, as this next decade has been daubed, is forecasted fashion wise to be one of extravagance and dressing up whenever we get an occasion (loungewear the rest of time, soft and snuggly).

What better occasion than on your wedding day to create a whimsical, sparkly or floral burst of indulgence and beauty to wear on your head? You could splash out and get something bespoke or maybe take a class and make your own. You’re a bride or groom, it’s your Boho wedding, you’re creative you can do this. However, whatever, you choose, the headdress is set to make your wedding outfit look even more fabulous, pazazz all the way!

Thank you so much for this beautiful boho wedding headdress image from Heidi  http://www.gloriousbyheidi.com taken at the ‘Love Unleashed’ styled shoot. The headdress shown below is the fabulous ‘Harley Crown‘ .

The team who took the photo can all be found on instagram –  Photo @charlottepalazzophotography, hair and makeup @vickyadamson_hairandmakeup, wedding dress, @Otaduy from @rockmyfrockcheshire , neon heart light @lovelightstw and accessories @gloriousbyheidi

Boho wedding headdress

Serve wedding food that you like – the best idea of them all?

Who hasn’t sat down to a wedding ‘lunch’ of either chicken, salmon or beef? With a canape or two involving prawns or mozzarella to start? Not that there is anything wrong with those dishes, however at a Boho wedding why not have the food you like to eat? My sister asked her favourite Indian restaurant to cater for her wedding and to this day people say it was the best meal they have ever had.

Perhaps the whole eclectic mix of street vendors is more your thing? How about vans of mixed types of international dishes? Ask around at local markets or in local restaurants and cafes, the chances are that their catering team will be happy to come out to your venue. Fish and chips anyone?

Boho wedding at night


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