Wedding Ceremonies

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806 - 1861

The loving side of your wedding day, the Ceremony

There are so many ways you can celebrate your wedding and for most people it is the ceremony that is the personal and meaningful part of their wedding day.  The ceremony, with all the traditional rituals we associate for a wedding day, is how for centuries people in love have shown their commitment to each other. The legal requirements are a necessary formality which can be undertaken before or after your wedding ceremony, your true day! 

Showing, sharing and celebrating  your love story in front of family and friends is so joyful that it should be celebrated in a ceremony unique to you, not a familiar script, rushed and often impersonal performed by somebody who doesn't even know you!

Everything we associate with a wedding ceremony the exchanging of vows, exchanging of  rings, music, reading, beautiful dress, family involvement, these and many more symbolic rituals are all purely ceremonial. With a celebrant you can become as involved as you want, adding rituals which are symbolic to you or adding in ones such as handfasting, sand ceremonies, candles or wine rituals.

Ceremonies can be performed at any location, approved or otherwise by a celebrant, like me, who will take the time over the months before your wedding to get to know you, your story and what dreams and aspirations you have for your life together.  

Your wedding ceremony taken by your celebrant can take place anywhere, it doesn't have to be in an approved venue (although it often is as many are so beautiful and special). You can choose to get married outside amongst nature, in your garden, the woods, a barn or a bar. You can have your ceremony exactly where you want (with the owners permission obviously!) the important thing to know is that it can happen just how you want it to!

The legal side of getting married ...

Legally, for a secular Wedding or Civil Partnership to be recognised in law it must take place at a Registry Office or Approved Venue in front of two witnesses and a Registrar (unless you are having a religious ceremony) 

The legal requirements are made up of three basic steps, declaratory words, contracting words and the signing of the Marriage Register. As long as you have completed the basic legal marriage, you can then have, either before or after, your wedding day celebration and ceremony.

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