7 Awesome questions to ask your wedding celebrant before you book

Nov 26, 2021 | Blogs, Weddings

❤ 7 Awesome questions to ask your wedding celebrant

Once you have made the awesome decision that you would like your wedding ceremony to totally reflect who you are a couple, Now is the time to start researching which celebrant you would love to book for your wedding ceremony. There are many amazing resources to help you find your celebrant such as www.thecelebrantdirectory.com, social media https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/celebrantdorset/ or suggestions from friends, family, your venue or your wedding planner. Yet once you have made a shortlist, how do you know who is the right celebrant for you?

Asking any wedding celebrant certain questions, can help you decide if they are the right one for you and whether, or not, to book them. It may feel awkward, especially when you have already done your research and drawn up a shortlist into who to contact. However, knowing what the best questions  to ask a wedding celebrant, before you book them, is a surefire way to ensure a perfect relationship between you all.

Questions such as the ones below are exactly what any celebrant would expect to be asked.

❤ Time with your wedding celebrant

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Ask a wedding celebrant how much time you can expect to spend with each other. The right celebrant for you will happily chat about what they offer and tailor it to your preferences. If you are a couple who only want a few meetings, explain that to them. Or, if your prefer loads of contact, rehearsal time, texting when an idea hits you on a Sunday afternoon, ask the celebrant you are talking to if that’s a way they like to work as well.

Your relationship with your wedding celebrant should be fluid and evolving. Weddings can make some couples feel anxious, so make sure you ask what sort of time together you can expect when chatting to any celebrant. Too much time,  may make you feel overwhelmed, too little time may make you feel disheartened.

❤ Style of a celebrant led wedding

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There is a wedding celebrant for every couple and there is the perfect one for you. Just like your wedding outfit, cake or flowers, every celebrant has their own style, and that’s the one you need to find. You won’t like every pair of shoes you try on, so why should you want to book every celebrant you meet! Ask what style of ceremonies the celebrant likes to write, or offer, and see if it is aligned to your wedding inspiration.

Some celebrants love and specialise in outdoors weddings, others prefer and are at their best with traditional settings. If you dream of having your wedding ceremony at home, or in a manor house, outside or indoors, now is the time to ask.

❤ Other suppliers your celebrant knows

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Wedding celebrants love weddings! And they know a lot of people in business who also love and work in weddings. Ask any celebrant about who they work with regularly ,or where and you will get a good indication of the style of wedding they will create and officiate for you. If you already know that you have a chosen to have a sleek city wedding or a laid-back outdoors venue, check on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest to see the connections between suppliers.  You will soon start to see a thread emerging which could well lead you to finding your perfect celebrant!

❤ The Price of your wedding celebrant

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Don’t be embarrassed to ask a wedding celebrant their price. Celebrants love that you ask, and total transparency is a brilliant starting point for any relationship. Do make sure you know what it includes and if there are any extra costs which could be incurred. Asking the price of a wedding celebrants service, is no different than asking any of your other wedding suppliers, yet for some reason couples can be embarrassed to discuss this.

Even if the price is on the celebrants website, it’s a good idea to make sure you know exactly what professional services to expect for your money. The chances are that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. https://www.juliettebytheseacelebrant.co.uk/faq/

❤ Inclusivity and your wedding values

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Your celebrant should be one hundred percent aligned to your values as a couple. Frequently you will have found the celebrants you chose to talk to in the first place by researching their website or profile on social media. However, if you feel that they are not aligned to your beliefs or values, or are not willing to accept or offer, what you know is essential to you wedding ceremony, ask them at the very beginning of your discovery discussion.

If you want to include some elements of the faith you grew up with, ask them. If you want to celebrate any form of your own journey or life choices, make sure they are aligned in every aspect and that you feel one hundred percent happy sharing your love story with them. This amazing podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/your-individual-wedding/id1436303705 is packed with advice and sensitivity regarding how important it is to find a supplier for your wedding who aligns with your values.

❤ Celebrant wedding and ceremony rituals

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If you have read about symbolic rituals being part of your wedding ceremony, ask the celebrant you are talking to if they are familiar with them and if it is something they offer. Some celebrants are specialists, with many years’ experience and training in rituals, such as hand tying, and others are more familiar and comfortable with storytelling. All celebrants will be able to add inspirational personal elements to your wedding ceremony.

There is no right or wrong. It’s about your wedding, your ceremony, you as a couple ❤ Make sure you ask the celebrant, what rituals they love doing, and what they are not so comfortable with. Trust me, they will love you for asking and the right person is there waiting to meet you!

❤ Awesome Social media

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Ask the celebrant that you are talking too if they are on social media and check out their profiles. You can get a brilliant feel for them if you see what they are comfortable and confident posting. It’s also a brilliant way to get tips and advice for your wedding ceremony and wedding day.  https://www.instagram.com/juliettebythesea 

Celebrants love continual learning, shared community and knowledge, not only their role, but also, about all wedding suppliers. Social media is also a fantastic place to check current campaigns and legislation surrounding wedding ceremonies and legislation. The incredible ‘give couples choice’ movement,  is campaigning to change the outdated marriage laws  https://www.instagram.com/gccmovement/ allowing celebrant led weddings to be a legal reality. Check your celebrants social media and ask / check if they are behind this campaign.

❤ Connection with your wedding celebrant

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One last tip on booking your wedding celebrant and this is not a question you can ask before you book! Did you feel a  connection with them as you talked to each other during that first meeting? Did you laugh, feel at ease, share your dreams, hopes and inspirations for your wedding ceremony? Did you instinctively click and feel that you could be friends? If you felt that you could ask these questions, and you liked their answers, well that’s who you should book. http://www.juliettebytheseacelebrant.co.uk/contact 


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