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Nov 1, 2023 | Blogs

I am a local Lyme Regis celebrant, crafting creative and meaningful wedding and funeral ceremonies for my community and beyond. Yet have you ever wondered why the name of my modern celebrant business is ‘Juliette by the Sea? It might seem like an odd choice at first glance insinuating that I only work by the sea! What does the sea have to do with being a celebrant? In this blog, I’m going to explain the meaning and inspiration behind this name, and why it perfectly encapsulates my philosophy and approach as a celebrant.

As a Local Lyme Regis Celebrant why do I choose to identify myself as by the sea?


Local Lyme Regis Celebrant Juliette by the sea


The first question many people ask me is why I chose to associate myself with the sea. The answer is simple yet profound. In the UK, where I’m based, nowhere is more than 70 miles from the sea. This means the sea is a common, unifying factor for all of us. It’s a part of our identity, and it’s a part of our lives, whether we live by the coast or inland. And just like the sea, I am available to be your celebrant anywhere in the UK.

Moreover, I happen to live by the sea, so it felt natural to incorporate this aspect of my life into my business. It was a choice between ‘Juliette by a field’, ‘Juliette by a road’, or simply ‘Juliette Williams – celebrant’. But ‘Juliette by the Sea’ felt just right. It had a certain charm and an intriguing ring to it that the other options lacked.

The Sea and Emotions – my thoughts as a local Lyme Regis Celebrant

But the connection between my business and the sea goes deeper than just geography. The sea, just like life, is full of emotions. It can be calm and peaceful one moment, and turbulent and wild the next. It can evoke feelings of joy, tranquillity, fear, and awe, all at the same time. And just like the sea, your wedding ceremony will be a whirlwind of emotions.

As your celebrant  A little bit about me , I am there to navigate these emotional waters with you, to guide and support you as you embark on this exciting journey. I aim to create ceremonies that reflect your unique love story, that resonate with your personal values, and that celebrate your union in the most authentic way possible.

unique and special wedding ceremony Juliette by the sea celebrant local Lyme Regis Celebrant

The Sea as a Symbol of Inclusivity

The sea is also a symbol of inclusivity and acceptance for me. It doesn’t recognise gender-specific love, ageism, or any form of disability bias. And neither do I. As a celebrant, I am committed to creating inclusive ceremonies that honour and respect all forms of love.

Local Lyme Regis Celebrant Juliette by the sea

The sea doesn’t judge you or make you feel uncomfortable, and neither do I. My role as a celebrant is not to impose my own beliefs or opinions, but to facilitate a space where you feel comfortable expressing your love and commitment to each other in your own unique way.

The sea is full of energy, but also full of calm. So am I. I bring a vibrant energy to every ceremony I conduct, but I also strive to create a calm and relaxed environment where you can truly enjoy your special day.

Calm and Peaceful a local Lyme Regis Wedding at River Cottage HQ nearby

Local Lyme Regis Celebrant at River cottage HQ for a wedding ceremony


How to book me as your local Lyme Regis Celebrant 

So, how can you book ‘Juliette by the Sea’ for your own wedding ceremony ? It’s simple. All the links can be found here Contact me to book! . Just click on the link, and you’ll be directed to my contact page or you can call me on 07736 062976  And if you  really want to book me, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be delighted to be a part of your wedding special day.

Please also do contact me directly for an informal chat if you would like me or to help you with the memorial or funeral ceremony for a loved one.

Juliette Williams funeral celebrant for funeral and memorial ceremonies local Lyme Regis celebrant

Juliette – Your local Lyme Regis Celebrant

How to organise a funeral 

And if you’ve enjoyed this blog, why not save it or share it with your friends? I always appreciate your support. And please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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