ABOUT being a Celebrant, ABOUT me ...

Being a celebrant is one of the most amazing jobs in the world, being trusted by people to help them create the most important, inspirational and unique ceremonies whenever and wherever they want.


And that is exactly what I do, creating, sharing and officiating your ceremony with you, ensuring that whatever the occasion the memories are precious.

People are my passion. I love listening to their stories, hearing about their lives, what inspires them, their hopes and dreams. As a celebrant I can do all of this and more, helping people create ceremonies for the special and memorable times in their lives. It is a wonderful thing to do. 

I have worked in events, creating and curating parties and special events for a huge international media company, let's just say the company was all about a Mouse and his Mrs. Oh and a few princesses and toys along the way...

I've also worked as a copywriter and a cook, a 

holiday rep and an art historian. Now however I work at the best job of all, I'm a celebrant. 

What else? I walk alot with my dog and partner, I talk alot to people I meet. I like to dance in the kitchen and cook by candlelight. I read vociferously and sing very badly. I buy and sell antiques, but actually keep most of them for me! 

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