10 great reasons why you should book a celebrant for your wedding ceremony

Feb 9, 2023 | Blogs, Weddings

Why should we book a celebrant rather than a registrar for our wedding ceremony?

This is the cliff-hanger of a question that celebrants get asked time and again and yet even if you know the answer (clue the answer is that it’s a fabulous investment in your wedding day and one which everyone will remember forever) it is often tricky to actually work out what the benefits for booking a celebrant actually are.

Let me simplify this for you by sharing this fun, inclusive and totally approachable guide to the seven best reasons why you should want to book a celebrant for your wedding ceremony. Its one to keep if you are planning on getting married this year and one to share with all your pals if they are thinking of getting hitched anytime soon!

In this practical, insightful but also entertaining article, I am going to shout out ten awesome reasons to book a celebrant for your wedding ceremony.

And if you think that a celebrant is for you after reading them, well get in touch with me here! How to get in touch with me

A Celebrant Ceremony will always be as unique as your own love story

Your reasons for marrying each other are personal, as personal as your love story and your dreams for the future. If you are looking for a wedding that is a true reflection of your relationship then start with a personal, bespoke ceremony.

Fact: Nobody is the same and why should your wedding day be the same as everyone else

From the moment you book your celebrant they are 100% invested in your wedding

Celebrants take all the time before your wedding to really get to know you both, not only you but the people important to you. There will never be a moment in time when you feel you are just another couple on a list for the  day.

Celebrant Dorset, Juliette Williams, modern Celebrant, south west England wedding

You can tear up the rulebook if that’s your unique vibe or decide to keep it traditional if that’s what you prefer

Even better have a bit of both if that’s your vibe. It really is your day, your way

Traditions have their place in wedding ceremonies as do your awesome ideas and interpretations. Chat with any celebrant and they will be able to help with planning your ceremony to include everything important to you. Do you want to have your first look before the ceremony and walk in together? That’s covered. Involve your guests in a toast mid ceremony. No problem at all. Be traditional when exchanging your vows or with readings. Absolutely.

Celebrant Dorset, Juliette Williams, modern Celebrant, south west England wedding

A modern celebrant will guide you in all aspects of your ceremony and make suggestions on how to make you feel relaxed and included

If you are anxious about being centre stage with people looking at you, or not sure if you feel seen for who you are, a celebrant will always take the time to make you feel comfortable, included and cossetted. Consider the choice of sitting down together whilst your love story is being heard or having somebody nearby to make you feel safe and seen.

A celebrant will sweat the small stuff for you.

They will find out about the important people coming to your wedding and if they have any special needs or requests that you would like acknowledged.

Nobody should feel any sort of anxiety about the people they have invited to their wedding being left out or excluded during the day, let alone the ceremony. As a celebrant I always ensure I ask about any guests’ special needs, anxieties, concerns so you don’t have to worry.


You can have a toast if you want during the ceremony, there’s no restrictions on a glass of bubbly halfway through.

With registrar wedding ceremonies, no alcohol is allowed by law during the ceremony. However, if you have already done the legal signing before your proper wedding ceremony (that’s the one with a celebrant unique and personal to you!) You can include toasting each other with your guests, cocktail ceremonies, champagne or simply letting your guests bring their drinks with them. Simple.

Celebrant Dorset, Juliette Williams, modern Celebrant, south west England wedding

Fancy a sing along during your wedding ceremony? Celebrants have this covered and love it

There is nothing like a good old singalong and when this can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony it’s a total blast, no pun intended.

A Celebrant will conduct your wedding ceremony anywhere you want, from licensed venues to your back garden

Just because your venue of choice is licensed for registrar ceremonies, doesn’t mean that you have to have one. Registrars charge rather a lot to attend, and you won’t know who will turn up. There will be nothing personal and it will be, well, truthfully, rather quick, and impersonal (they will be going onto the next venue)

Check out the most beautiful Devon wedding venue Hareston Manor, sure they are licensed for registrars but so absolutely perfect in every way for celebrant ceremonies (and they love celebrant weddings ❤ )

Hareston Manor wedding venue

Celebrant Dorset, Juliette Williams, modern Celebrant, south west England wedding

Fancy adding your furry pals into your ceremony? Celebrants make it all about your choice on what you do during your ceremony,  so Buster or Fido walking in is no problem

Oh, how wonderful is the thought of your furry pals joining you for your wedding ceremony! What is not to love about a doggy ring bearer?

Couple at perfect wedding ceremony

This lucky couple took their puppy to their wedding at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Another stunning southwest celebrant friendly venue!   The Marine Theatre Weddings

Your wedding ceremony should be a dream come true for the two of you

And that folks is what a celebrant can do. Make your dream come true.

This is an impassioned plea to consider how truly awesome your wedding ceremony could be with a celebrant.

Have a look at some of the amazing weddings I have been so incredibly happy to be part of here Instagram photos of lovely weddings


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